Monday, December 1, 2008

New Media and Design Technology.. What's that??

Monday, December 1, 2008

When people ask me, what do you study in USM? or what is your course? or what is your major? I will say "I'm taking New Media and Design Technology". Then, it will come out with the next question-- What's the heck is that? I never heard of it before?-- Well , 2day, I'm going to tell u a lil bit bout my course.

Basicly, my course is under the School of Arts. When people says 'arts' , normal people will think of drawing artist or acting or singing. Well, it is actually beyond that.

School of Arts can be devided into 4 sections - Lakonan n Pengarahan , Seni Muzik, Seni Halus ( Fine Arts) and Design Arts. Under the design arts, we have Industrial Design ( or Rekabentuk Produk ) , Graphic Design (Rekabentuk Grafik) and my course, New Media and Design Technology ( Rekabentuk dan Teknology Media Baru).

New Media Design and Technology

Have you watched Madagascar 2? Or played Counter Strike? Or surf a website? or watched movies with lots of motion? Well, these are all that we do.. We make website, we design or edit photos, we make videos or movies, we animate character and we build games.

Basically, we do all sorts of designing thing. And yes, we have a lot of assignments and project. I can't even remember when is the last time I write sumthin' on paper in class, coz we r 100% computer based subject.

Though my course is very interesting, you won't hav time to relax2.. it's all hard work, ahaks..
Feel free to drop any question...